Simon as a christ figure essay

Lord of the Flies is an allegorical novel, and many of its characters signify important ideas or themes. Ralph represents order, leadership, and civilization. Piggy represents the scientific and intellectual aspects of civilization. Jack represents unbridled savagery and the desire for power. Simon represents natural human goodness. Roger represents brutality and bloodlust at their most extreme. To the extent that the boys’ society resembles a political state, the littluns might be seen as the common people, while the older boys represent the ruling classes and political leaders. The relationships that develop between the older boys and the younger ones emphasize the older boys’ connection to either the civilized or the savage instinct: civilized boys like Ralph and Simon use their power to protect the younger boys and advance the good of the group; savage boys like Jack and Roger use their power to gratify their own desires, treating the littler boys as objects for their own amusement.

Thankyou from me too Dr Simon, I think this topic has the positive emphasis I’m needing, in looking at the vulnerabilities we have to having the wool pulled over us. Since I came across this site and read the books, the last two topics and discussions have been like having a painful wisdom tooth of denial extracted for me, painful but necessary. There’s an element of humilation involved in acknowledging that I was ‘wrong’ and not as ‘smart’ as I liked to believe after supposedly learning these lessons with the first two ex’s. It really is inconceivable somehow that other people just don’t connect with people the way we do and then as Einstein puts it, you end up not knowing which way is up after being manipulated, which feeds the belief that you hang on to and the wanting to be ‘right’. Then with hindsight, if I had been aware of the behavioural clues and what to look for I would have seen the red flags, like nominating his ex, ‘Bitch’ on his mobile phone contacts and a whole lot of other things I dismissed as nothing to do with me?!

Simon as a christ figure essay

simon as a christ figure essay


simon as a christ figure essaysimon as a christ figure essaysimon as a christ figure essaysimon as a christ figure essay