Group projects suck

In these 20-teens, almost nobody who has a DSLR has only one camera.  Most of us have an entire camera crew in our back pockets. If you too have a smartphone, put it to work as a second camera .  Put your phone on a tripod (or a chair, or stick it to a wall with earthquake putty) for a static wide shot of the ring.  Operate your DSLR, recording continuously and moving occasionally for different angles. Multiple angles from the DSLR will cut nicely with each other and your static smartphone wide shot for a fast-moving summary of the fight.

In the United States, the film opened at number one on August 18 with $4,016,858. [19] On August 19, the film dropped to #3 behind The Expendables and Eat Pray Love with $2,347,044. [20] By the weekend, Vampires Suck landed at #2 behind The Expendables and $200,000 over Eat Pray Love . [21] The full second week the film dropped to #11, grossing no more than $500 per theater, respectively. In its second weekend, the film dropped more than 50% from its opening weekend but rose to #6. As of July 12, 2012, the film has grossed $80,547,866 worldwide. [22]

Hi Darren,
Great project.
Your code’s flexibility really makes it easy to tweak around ( specially in Part 2).
I tried using this code on Mega, So I increased the buffer size(from 128 to 256), I even increased the number of buffers( from 8 to 16) so I’m using 2KB RAM off the mega, I also tried using more buffer with increased buffer size (so 4KB RAM) but the problem of skip still persist, in fact with increased number of buffers and buffer size (one with 4K RAM) the recorded audio sounds like a fast forwarded audio track.
Any thoughts or solution to this ?

Group projects suck

group projects suck


group projects suckgroup projects suckgroup projects suckgroup projects suck