Great essays by nobel prize winners

Economics is the branch of social science that deals with the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services, as well as their management. This award was introduced by the Bank of Sweden in memory of Alfred Nobel in 1968. The first award in this category went to Ragnar Frisch and Jan Tinbergen in 1969 for their development and application of dynamic models in the analysis of economic processes. The prize has also been awarded for theories and methodologies that are used in the studying and effective use of economic and financial resources, as well as macroeconomic economic policy and performance, development economics, international trade and the role of information.

Of the 108 writers who have received the Nobel Prize in Literature, only 12 have been women. That is the situation as I found it, not as I would make it. As for my list of non-recipients, I should first of all remind you that Virginia Woolf is near the very top of that list. Secondly, I can think of a lot of other notable writers of both genders who were alive after 1901 and whose work I personally love, but my list was meant to reflect writers of towering stature, historically, and not just “writers of note” or writers I personally approve of. (As a matter of fact, I do not like every writer on that list.) So I was aiming at a kind of objectivity. But of course a thing like this is ultimately subjective, so it would be interesting if you (and any others) would offer your own list in the space below. Thanks.

Great essays by nobel prize winners

great essays by nobel prize winners


great essays by nobel prize winnersgreat essays by nobel prize winnersgreat essays by nobel prize winnersgreat essays by nobel prize winners