Essays on my hobby for kids

It is sad but fact that the number of road accidents is in upsurge line. One of the reasons of this phenomenon is drunk driving. That is definitely wrong and not just should but must be punished.
First of all, it is wrong because it can end up with death. Drunk people, when they driving have no clear mind and they are unable to notice if any living being is crossing road and can bump him. Causing a death or, in lucky case, some injuries they bring anxieties both themselves and the others and, of course, this occurrence cause damages, both physically and morally. Thus the guilty should be punished in order to prevent next would-be accidents.
Furthermore, behind causing the death or serious damage to the person, it will yield fiscal problems to family of that person. For example, if he dies in this crash, his family lose one source of monetary income or if he is in hospital, it requires an investment to his recovery. As a result, it will cost them a lot, causing to his family financial burden. Therefore, drunk drivers should be punished by fining them to compensate the hurt person’s family.
In conclusion, it would be said that driving after drinking is completely wrong as it cause many afterwards problems. And punishment should be put towards drunk drivers. To increase the effectiveness of these punishments, the government should be stricter and taxing large amounts of money or mandatory jail sentences to those who reoffend.

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Essays on my hobby for kids

essays on my hobby for kids


essays on my hobby for kidsessays on my hobby for kidsessays on my hobby for kidsessays on my hobby for kids