Bread and roses bruce watson essay

The entire Third Order of St. Francis, both the friars and sisters of the Third Order Regular and the Secular Franciscan Order , joined in this celebration through a two-year-long program of study of her life. This was conducted throughout the Order, across the globe. There were also religious ceremonies held worldwide during that period. The yearlong observance of the centennial which began on her feast day in 2007 was closed at the General Chapter of the Order, held in Budapest in 2008. The New York region of the Order produced a movie of her life, produced by a sister of the Order, Lori Pieper. [23]

The workers’ rights seemed to be more than an important issue to the strike situation. Among many things at hand here, a factor that comes into play is the working conditions. The machines being used in the mills were far from safe as one could easily become injured by the fast moving cranks and pullys. The amount of work they had to do and the time in which they did it is more than impressive to me. It is easy to see how the workers were pushed to the limits of strike. On top of all of that they were getting paid minimum wage for this invigorating work. It was clear that a change had to be made and it took these workers to unite to get it done. The workers rights maintained the strike as it was these rights that were in question in settling the strike. After all, this strike as in other strikes originated in a conflict between the worker and the employer and both sides had their own rhymes and reasons for their actions and standpoints. This brings me to the issue of employer stereotypes at the time. It is clear to me that the employers were viewed as money-hungry and cared little for the workers. Looking at it from the view of the employers they were just getting the most for their buck. That does not explain the moral aspect of the conditions in the mills and the point to which these workers were pushed.

Bread and roses bruce watson essay

bread and roses bruce watson essay


bread and roses bruce watson essaybread and roses bruce watson essaybread and roses bruce watson essaybread and roses bruce watson essay