Average length of phd thesis

*** As a requirement for graduation from University of the Rockies with a degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), each student must complete and successfully defend a dissertation. The purpose of the Dissertation is to ensure that the student has mastered the ability to pursue a systematic investigation, which examines significant issues or problems in applied psychology. The Dissertation requirement is also designed to contribute to the student's knowledge, skills, and research expertise in psychology. Students choose a topic that addresses carefully chosen research questions that the student then investigates with quantitative or qualitative research, with a meta-analysis, or with a program design or program evaluation. Prerequisites, timelines for completion, and attendance requirements for Dissertation, as well as a detailed explanation of each step in the process, are described in the Dissertation Handbook .

Many graduate programs offer assistance to help cover the costs of graduate school. These usually come in the form of teaching assistantships (TAs) and research assistantships (RAs). TAs provide funds in return for teaching services. RAs provide funds for working on a research project, usually in the lab of one of the program’s faculty. Finally, TAs and RAs often come with tuition remission — which means the department or programs pays for your tuition. When researching programs, you should ask about the types of assistance available to graduate students, how much funding they provide, and whether there is tuition remission.

Following successful completion of the two preceding dissertation courses, students finish their work on their doctoral dissertation and submit it for final approval during the oral defense. This course affords students the opportunity to draft a discussion section that interprets their findings, as well as an abstract that summarizes their findings. Students also draft their front and back matter, including appendices, tables, and a reference section. The final step in this course is to defend the doctoral dissertation, obtain final committee approval, and submit the document for publication. Prerequisite: PSY-960.

Average length of phd thesis

average length of phd thesis


average length of phd thesisaverage length of phd thesisaverage length of phd thesisaverage length of phd thesis